This website is a resource to further your organization’s digital advocacy work on tobacco control. It is divided into two main sections: Planning and Content.


The Planning Section helps you get started with digital campaign efforts

Access this section to learn how to create your overall digital campaign plan and evaluate which communications platforms are right for you. Planning has three components:

Content Gallery:

The content gallery provides raw materials and examples of all types of content needed to manage your digital campaign efforts.

The content gallery is organized via three types of filtering criteria:

Content Type
Issue Area
Social Network
Search the content gallery by the type of content you’re looking for:
Search the gallery for content related to a specific tobacco control issue area:
Search the gallery for content related to a specific social media network
Case Studies
Sample Plans
Social Media Posts
Health Harms
Tobacco Industry
Warning Labels
Mobile SMS

These criteria can be mixed and matched to display the precise type of information you’re looking for (e.g. a search could be limited to videos and messaging that relate to Smoke-Free)

In addition to these main criteria, there are advanced filters to find more specific types of content:

Region: search for content originated in a particular region
Country: search for content from a particular country
Language: search for content in a specific language
Phase: search for content that focuses specifically on either passing new tobacco control policies or implementing existing policies
Multi-Channel: search for content that relates to a particular communication channel (i.e. offline, radio, or print media)
Featured: search for content that has been deemed most useful by site editors
Target Audience: search for content that specifically targets key opinion leaders (notable public personas who hold influence in the policy making process), grassroots (public population at large) or decision-makers (government officials who can create policy change).
GATS: content related to the launch of a Global Adult Tobacco Survey in a particular country
Mobile App: content related to the launch of a mobile application

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