The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids provides ongoing support for tobacco control organizations looking to bolster their digital campaign efforts. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids maintains a network of social media practitioners and experts across the globe who are well-versed in social media strategies .

If you are interested in accessing resources, please contact Jesse Danzig at

Attend a Virtual Training: The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids provides regular online training sessions focused on a specific communications platform or tactic (e.g. A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook or Building Your Social Media Strategy)

Strategic Consultation & Planning Sessions: The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and its network of social media experts can provide one-on-one strategic consulting and advice.

Apply for a Social Media Advertising Grant: The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids provides resources for organizations with a need to build their online audience reach via targeted grants of online advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Apply for Social Media Staffing Grant: The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids also hosts a grants program for qualified organizations who need resources to hire, train and maintain dedicated staff to run social media campaign efforts.