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Tobacco Industry

This section provides everything you need to shine a light on how Big Tobacco is causing a public health crisis.

Core Messages

This report examines the instances in which the U.S. Chamber has intervened on behalf of some of the world’s biggest tobacco companies to interfere with countries’ efforts to pass and implement proven, life-saving policies. The U.S. Chamber’s lobbying on behalf of the tobacco industry is shown to be a global, systematic pattern of activity.

The tobacco industry views the female population as an opportunity for growth and aggressively markets products towards them.

Efforts must be directed toward supporting cost-effective tobacco control measures that are proven to reduce tobacco use and prevent these consequences.

The devastating harm to societies and families caused by tobacco-caused death and disease greatly outweighs the overall benefits of philanthropy or sponsorship of social causes.

Tobacco consumption negatively impacts those living in poverty: any tobacco industry contributions or programs will not alleviate poverty, environmental, or health issues and will likely make them worse.

The tobacco package is an essential communication vehicle for the tobacco industry; tobacco companies depend on tobacco package design to build brand recognition and promote sales.

The tobacco industry engages in a comprehensive marketing strategy to create the impression that tobacco use is socially acceptable and glamorous.