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Taxation: The Problem

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This section provides everything you need to effectively communicate all of the negative impacts of tobacco, showing how it’s deteriorating our economies and our health.

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So Expensive

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Death Weight

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Burning Money

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Break the Chain

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Keep Out of Reach of Children

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Piggy Bank

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Addiction is Hard

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Winning Against Tobacco

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The Cigarette Trap

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Tobacco Mouse Trap

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Wooden Tobacco Trap

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Squeeze Every Penny

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Don’t Be Fooled–Tobacco Kills

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Kids Try

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Tobacco’s Heavy Burden

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Cigarettes Should Cost More

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When We Smoke, We Lose

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A Vice That Costs More Than Rice

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How Much Smokers Spend on Tobacco

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World No Tobacco Day 2015: Stop Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products

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