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Taxation: Evidence of Success

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This section provides everything you need to effectively showcase the evidence that proves how effective tobacco taxes have been all across the globe.

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Tobacco Taxes are a win for the overall economy, as they reduce morbidity, premature mortality, health care costs, and increasing the health and productivity of the workforce.

Increasing tobacco taxes to reduce tobacco use and generate revenue is often supported by a majority of the public, including most smokers – a “win win win!”

Higher tobacco product prices prevent youth from starting to use tobacco products.

A tax increase of that raises prices by ten percent can reduce tobacco consumption by about five percent in low- and middle-income countries.

Raising tobacco taxes is the single most effective way to reduce tobacco use and save lives.

Raising tobacco taxes to increase prices is a highly effective way to spur smokers to smoke less or quit, and prevent non-smokers–particularly youth–from starting.

Higher tobacco taxes help our most vulnerable populations, preventing youth from starting to smoke and helping low-income populations quit.

Higher tobacco taxes increase government revenues, even with reduced consumption.