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Taxation: The Solution

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This section provides everything you need to effectively communicate how increasing taxes is one of the most effective tools to decrease tobacco consumption and save lives.

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Reduced tobacco use by youth helps boost economic prosperity at a personal and country leve

Tobacco taxes help kids avoid a life of tobacco addiction, disease and premature death.

Tobacco Taxes are a win for public health. Taxes encourage cessation among existing users, prevent initiation among potential users, reduces the quantity of tobacco consumed among continuing users.

Tobacco Taxes are a win for fiscal revenue, as evidence consistently shows tobacco taxes lead to increases in fiscal revenue.

Tobacco tax increases will benefit the economy by promoting a healthier more productive workforce and saving on health care costs.

Tobacco taxes do not punish consumers. It is a health measure designed to fight addiction by compelling smokers to quit that has the power to save lives.

Raising tobacco taxes will help countries achieve healthier future.

Simple tobacco tax structures that are uniform across all tobacco products types reduce opportunities for users to switch to more affordable products.

Simple tax structures reduce opportunities for tobacco companies to modify their products in order pay lower taxes.

Well-designed tobacco taxes provide for regular tax increases on products to ensure sustained reductions in affordability.

Well-designed tobacco taxes reduce tobacco use and increase government revenue.

Well-designed tobacco taxes reduce the affordability of tobacco.

Higher prices on tobacco products are particularly effective at reducing smoking among vulnerable populations such as youth, women, and the poor.

Increasing tobacco taxes to raise prices is the single most effective way to reduce tobacco use and save lives.

Raising tobacco taxes is the single most effective way to reduce tobacco use and save lives.