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This section provides everything you need to effectively communicate about how smoke-free laws that ban smoking in all indoor public places, workplaces, and public transport are an essential component of a strategy to reduce tobacco use.

Usable Media

Smoke-Free Area Enforcement Cartoon

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This is a Smoke-Free Home

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Don’t Poison the Ones You Love

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The Gift of Secondhand Smoke

Download (434.92 KB)

No-Smoking Sign in a Cafe

Download (68.88 KB)

No-Smoking Sign on Glass Door

Download (157.28 KB)

Smoking With a Baby in the Car

Download (44.22 KB)

Cartoon of Man Coughing From Secondhand Smoke

Download (28.55 KB)

Black and White Cartoon of Woman and Secondhand Smoke

Download (54.87 KB)

Person Wearing Gas Mask Near Secondhand Smoke

Download (38.94 KB)

Boy Yelling No at Adult Smoker

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Waiter Pointing Out No-Smoking Sign to Smoker

Download (65.47 KB)

Cartoon of People at a Cafe Smoking

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Person Plugging Their Nose Around a Smoking Cigarette

Download (48.2 KB)

Smoker Outside of Cafe With No Smoking Sign

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No-Smoking Sign Over a Hand Holding a Cigarette

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No-Smoking Sign Next to Person Smoking

Download (31.73 KB)

No-Smoking Sign on Glass

Download (19.57 KB)

Group of Men Wearing No Smoke Revolution T-Shirts

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Cartoon of Restaurant Goers Dining in a Smoke Filled Room

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A Restaurant With Enclosures Over Those Smoking

Download (82.87 KB)

No-Smoking Symbol Decal

Download (1.73 MB)

“No Smoking” Painted on Concrete Surrounded by Cigarette Butts

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Man Smoking Next To No-Smoking Sign

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Red Wooden No-Smoking Symbol

Download (1.37 MB)