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Health Harms

This section provides everything you need to effectively communicate all of the negative impacts of tobacco, showing how it’s deteriorating our economies and our health. Our resources are organized into each of the following message sections:

Usable Media

Hand Made of Ash, Smoking

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Give Your Child a Future

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Tobacco Lessens Your Days With Your Family

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Tobacco Pushes You Towards Death

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Toxic Chemicals From Cigarettes Cling to Food

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Infographic: How Smoking Impacts Your Pets

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Smoking Causes Cancer in a Lot of Places

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Lady Killer

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If You Continue to Smoke, Plan on Buying a Comfortable Armchair

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What’s Really Hiding in Cigarette Smoke?

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Smoking Dulls Your Taste Buds

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Quitting Smoking Is Good for Your Heart

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Infographic: The Effects of Smokeless Tobacco

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Did You Know Smokeless Tobacco Causes Cancer?

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7,000 Chemicals

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Smokers Actually Emit Toxins From Their Clothing and Hair

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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Becky’s Tip

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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Brian’s Tip

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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Kristy’s Tip

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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Rebecca: Vicious Cycle

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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Rebecca’s Tip

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Five Surprising Facts About Smoking and Health

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Quitting Smoking Has Immediate Benefits to Your Health

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Quitting Smoking Reduces Your Risk of Having Another Heart Attack

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Quitting at 40 Adds 9 Years to Your Life

Download (28.53 KB)

Quitting at 50 Adds 6 Years to Your Life

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Quitting at 60 Adds 3 Years to Your Life

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Heart Disease is Heartless

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Your Smoking Harms Your Child

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Bob, I’ve Got Cancer

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688 Million People Smoke in 22 GATS Countries

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205 Million Adults Made an Attempt to Quit Smoking in the Past 12 Months

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Smoking Can Cause Vision Loss

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Woman Smiling While Texting

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Old Woman Lighting Cigarette From Birthday Candle

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Cartoon of a Woman, Man, and Baby Smoking While Holding Guns

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Secondhand Smoke Forming a Skull

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Smoking With a Baby in the Car

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Smoker’s Stained Teeth at the Dentist

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Black and White Cartoon of Woman and Secondhand Smoke

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Unlit Cigarette

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Person Wearing Gas Mask Near Secondhand Smoke

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Heart Rate Monitor Screen Made Out of Cigarettes

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Skeleton Smoking

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Boy Yelling No at Adult Smoker

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Women Holding Lit Cigarette With Smoke in the Shape of a Skull

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Cemetery With Green Grass and White Cross Grave Markers

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Bullets Lined Up With One Replaced With A Cigarette

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X-Ray Skeleton Breathing Out Smoke While Holding a Cigarette

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Bench Sign Reading: Weapon of Mass Destruction

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