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This section provides everything you need to effectively communicate about how comprehensive tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship bans are an essential component of a strategy to reduce tobacco use.

Core Messages

Tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship encourages people, especially youth, to use tobacco, encourages tobacco users to use more, decreases users’ motivation to quit, and encourages quitters to relapse.

A comprehensive ban on advertising, promotion, and sponsorship reduces tobacco use; partial bans have limited or no effect on tobacco consumption.

The devastating harm to societies and families caused by tobacco-related death and disease greatly outweighs Big Tobacco’s philanthropy or sponsorship of social causes.

The tobacco industry views the female population as an opportunity for growth and aggressively markets products towards them.

The number of women smokers in the Africa will increase if no action is taken to stop tobacco companies from targeting women and girls.

The tobacco industry engages in a comprehensive marketing strategy to create the impression that tobacco use is socially acceptable and glamorous.